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Secure Internet Transactions

More and more shoppers are discovering the convenience of buying online, however you must feel as confident buying from our system websites as you do on the high street, or in your office. You have to be sure that websites are legitimate, belong to a trustworthy business, and to know that your online communications and transactions are secure.

We use a trusted financial processing and clearance bureaux called Secure Trading New. You will be able to submit credit card numbers and/or other personal information to the system, with the assurance that you are really doing business with NewsPrints at NewsPrints at Digital Color Labs Ltd, Unit 2 Cumberland Road, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE29 8RD. (and not an impostor). You can also be confident that the information that you are sending cannot be intercepted or decrypted by anyone else.

This is ensured by the use of a Server Certificate, which confirms that the Secure Trading New. system is legitimate, by displaying a seal of trust. This is a "Secure SiteSM Seal" which is a highly visible and easily recognisable stamp of authenticity and security.

A trusted third party called a Certification Authority (CA) issues a 'Server Certificate'. A CA acts somewhat like a passport office and they must take steps to establish the identity of the organisations to which they issue certificates. Once the CA establishes and approves an organisation's credentials, it issues a certificate that contains the organisation's public key and signs it with the CA's private Key.

Technically Server Certificates, also known as Digital Certificates, bind the identity to a pair of electronic keys that are used to encrypt digital information. A Server Certificate makes it possible to verify the claim that an organisation has the right to use a given key.

Used in conjunction with encryption, Server Certificates provide a complete security solution, delivering end-to-end transaction security so you can communicate securely using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. A Server Certificate protects communications over the web through the industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.

You will need the Secure Trading New reference number for any queries regarding your credit card transaction. If you have any queries about the credit card transaction, you can conact Secure Trading New

Please note, that any queries regarding the products you have purchased should be directed to NewsPrints not Secure Trading New.

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